Cliniface for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit)

  • Version 5.2.2
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  • File Size 144 MB
  • Create Date October 8, 2020
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Enter the password above to download Cliniface version 5.2 for 64-bit Windows 7 and up. Any previous installation should be uninstalled first. Cliniface for GNU Linux x86_64 can be downloaded from here.

If you're a first time user, follow the walk-through found via the Help menu (or press F1).

New features in version 5.2:

  • Double left click now sets the camera focus.
  • Camera focus can now be set on the surface behind other graphical elements.
  • View presets use current camera distance for orientation only resetting distance if orientation matches preset.
  • Direct distance size components shown in calliper measurement readout.
  • Landmarks and calliper measurement visualisations are now toggled for all views of a single model.
  • Face becomes semi-transparent when moving calliper measurements or hovering over the depth handle.
  • Measurement precision for the calliper handle caption now matches the onscreen measurements readout (2 d.p.).
  • Calliper measurements can now be added at the position of landmarks.
  • New calliper measurements can now be added using the `C` key.
  • Simplified calliper measurement renaming dialog and limited labels to be no more than 19 characters.
  • Checking and advisement of new available versions at startup.

Bug fixes version 5.2:

  • Fixed crash if model closed while a calliper measurement or a landmark is being moved.
  • Fixed crash if exporting a model to CSV format when no measurements yet recorded.
  • Fixed landmarks visualisation "shudder" when actor interaction mode is active and a landmark is moved.
  • Fixed the ability to set the visibility of individual landmarks from the landmarks dialog.
  • Fixed landmark labels sometimes not disappearing after moving the mouse off them.
  • Fixed redo inconsistencies when adjusting a sequence of different paths/landmarks.
  • Fixed ability to remove individual calliper measurements using the `DEL` key.
  • Fixed missing tooltips on opacity and visualisation adjustment spin boxes.
  • Centred help browser in screen upon first opening.
  • Right clicking a calliper measurement handle no longer activates reposition mode.
  • Removed ability to change measurement units in preferences (require use of model rescaling tool).
  • Undo/redo events for landmarks and calliper measurement now activate corresponding visualisations.
  • Disabled ability to select a different model while in model interaction mode.
  • Disabled broken 3MF file format importer.
  • Updating a calliper measurement's depth handle no longer recalculates the entire path.
  • Removed redundant processing of interaction events for improved performance.
  • [Linux] Fixed file drag and drop.
  • [Windows] Fixed calliper measurement handle detachment from cursor after initial add.

Version 5.1 includes the following new features over version 5.0:

  • Inclusion of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnostics module by default
  • Inclusion of the first full set of facial measurement statistics for Indigenous Australians
  • All measurements and analysis can now be exported to CSV format text files
  • Hyperlinks out to the online HPO terms database in assessment info dialog and PDF reports
  • New command line interface
  • New report scripting functions for listing discovered HPO terms
  • Added subject and image reference fields for 3DF image files

Version 5.1 also improves/fixes the following:

  • Significantly decreased size of the 3DF file type
  • Models without texture can now be embedded in generated PDF reports
  • High DPI scaling issues fixed
  • Fixed incorrect order of bilateral measurement Z-score values
  • Fixed PDF report element formatting (especially embedded charts)
  • Fixed inability to generate reports if user folder path includes spaces
  • Disabled invalid merging of statistics from pairs of ethnic groups
  • Reduced OpenGL version requirement on Windows to version 2.0 for older machines
  • Changed terminology regarding discovered facial traits to "notable morphology"
  • Changed formatting to clarify left/right labelling of bilateral measurements

Version 5.0 added the following features not present in earlier versions:

  • High accuracy automatic landmarking by fitting a deformable anthropometric mask
  • Much larger set of landmarks (40), measurements (> 50), and HPO terms (> 40)
  • Guided placement of landmarks when editing
  • Automatic measurements now evaluate depth, angles, and asymmetry (as well as distances)
  • Objective measurement of 3D asymmetry plus visualisations
  • "Virtual callipers" for measuring arbitrary surface distances, depth, angles, etc
  • Immediate feedback of atypical features when surface features / landmarks change
  • Comparison of measurements between two or three different faces at once
  • Measurement and HPO term browsers with links to the relevant pages of the online HPO terms database
  • All back-end linear algebra and geometry processing now uses Eigen3