Cliniface for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit)

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Download Cliniface version 3.2.1 for 64-bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 from the above link. Please uninstall any previous version before installing this new version. Click here to download Cliniface for GNU Linux x86_64.

Version 3.2.1 introduces a new command line interface to Cliniface to help with batch processing files into .3df format. Assuming that you have installed Cliniface in the default suggested home directory location, run Cliniface from the Windows console with:

C:/Users/your_username/Cliniface/bin>cliniface.exe --help

On first run, Cliniface will initialise and save its configuration at:


All future versions will look for an existing configuration at this location (regardless of the Cliniface installation directory) and initialise a default configuration file there if one isn't found. Cliniface uses the settings in this file to generate and view PDF reports that contain embedded 3D content. These reports are best viewed using Adobe Reader because of its reliable support for 3D content. Cliniface's configuration file expects to see Adobe Reader at its default installation location, but this can be changed by editing the corresponding setting in the .cliniface file. Click here to download Adobe Reader for Windows.

In addition, Cliniface will use Inkscape (if installed) to assist in the generation of PDF reports by using its SVG export and font scaling functionality. If you don't have Inkscape installed (or the inkscape.exe program is not properly referenced in the .cliniface file), then Cliniface will export charts in PDF reports as PNG images (which can look a little blurry). Click here to download Inkscape for Windows.

Version 3.2 is a major new release that improves on version 3.1. The following is a breakdown of significant changes since version 3.1.

Version 3.2.1

  • Cliniface configuration now persists in user's home directory.
  • Reduced initial height of UI window for lower resolution monitors.
  • Removed fixing of triangle normals on model load by AssImp since broken in some cases.
  • Moved to AssImp version 4.1.0.
  • Subject age replaced with date of birth (3DF files remain backwards compatible).
  • Now calculating orientation and face centre dynamically from landmarks.
  • Transform to Standard Position now only available if model not already in standard position & orientation.
  • Added initial centre and orientation plus detected centre and orientation to 3DF file format.
  • Record initial model centre and orientation for reset to image capture position.
  • New command line interface for batch landmark detection, face component finding and 3DF export.
  • Added Cliniface version to main window title bar when no model selected.
  • Report templates can now specify their own availability for generation given a model's metadata.
  • Fixed reappearance of prior landmark detection errors after a successful detection.
  • Fixed crash when matching phenotypes against a metric without growth data.
  • Fixed crash when merging faces back together with metric visualisation text showing.
  • Fixed appearance of cursor and text label when (de)selecting landmarks.

Version 3.2.0

  • Added AppImage version for Linux x86_64.
  • Moved rendering backend from QVTKWidget to QVTKOpenGLWidget.
  • New ancestry / sex dropdown menus for ScanInfo and MetricChart.
  • Close button for MetricChart dialog.
  • Metrics now provide multiple growth curves for separate ethnicities/sex.
  • Scan Info dialog available ancestry / ethnicity now sourced from available metrics.
  • Reformatted Scan Info dialog.
  • Scan Info cancel button now works properly.
  • Removed intersex options - made disjunction of female / male.
  • Sorting enabled on metrics and HPO dialog tables.
  • Multiple selectable distributions per metric.
  • Changed landmark alignment algorithm to Procrustes rigid superimposition.
  • Transforming a face back to standard position now also resets the camera.
  • Dynamic loading of Lua scripts for defining phenotypes and metrics.
  • Phenotypes now tested and indicated ones now written out on save.
  • Option to ignore ethnicity when plotting subject on charts.
  • Removed some less used actions from main toolbar.
  • Landmarks on the non-selected face now have a different (more muted) colour.
  • Removed disabling of model selection on viewing of metrics.
  • Backface culling enabled automatically on orientation change if orientation matches glabella normal.
  • Slight increase in tool button sizes and other small style changes.
  • Caliper measurements now draw a path that follows the model's surface curvature.
  • Semi-opaque backgrounds for bottom left and right text actors for better visibility.
  • Improved search for initial facial detection and estimation of orientation.
  • New options dialog to mask certain landmarks from being moved upon redetection.
  • Moved face detection/classification models into data directory.
  • Added action to reset detections and transform model back to origin.
  • Added study ID to scan info (and XML file output).
  • Added ability to save growth curve charts as image files.
  • New dynamically loaded Lua PDF report definitions.
  • U3D models cache in background as soon as report generation selected.
  • Transformed model coordinates for media9 inclusion in LaTeX reports.
  • Changed interaction mode in PDF reports to spin around Z axis for better control.
  • Editable user preferences file for location of pdflatex etc.
  • Newly created PDF reports now open after save in PDF reader.
  • Changed min/max range mapping for asymmetry visualisation to -/+ 10mm.
  • Fix exported U3D models to now use ambient instead of point lighting.
  • Fix FaceActionManager to now clean up properly after itself.
  • Fix landmark and path captions to now scale correctly.
  • Fix progress bar now updates outside of GUI thread (still not showing for many actions).
  • Fix overlap to reset across all views of a model when deselecting metric visualisation.
  • Fix memory leak concerning thumbnail creation.
  • Fix ScanInfo dialog always flagging model as unsaved on okay even without changes.
  • Fix crash on applying visualisation layers when not available after copy or move.
  • Fix update to metric calculation after changing source data in chart dialog.