The Cliniface project is a is a partnership between the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI), Department of Health Western Australia, Curtin University, the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, the Undiagnosed Diseases Program WA and Linear Clinical Research.

The Cliniface project, led by clinical geneticist Dr Gareth Baynam is aimed at assisting clinical diagnosis, treatment (drug) monitoring, clinical trials and surgical planning, by developing an objective and unobtrusive analysis method through 3-dimensional facial image analysis.

Through the Cliniface project novel 3D facial analysis methods have been developed and integrated into an open source and interoperable platform to enable clinicians and researchers to trial the tool and provide feedback for further development. More details on the Cliniface Platform can be found here.

The methods currently under development will enable automatic detection of facial phenotypes and subsequent labelling of these features with Human Phenotype Ontology terms (HPO terms). This will be critical for future machine learning functionality and integration into other clinical systems.

User Testing

The Cliniface team are currently undertaking user-testing and we welcome clinicians and researchers to contact us to be involved in this process.  To be involved in user testing contact Paula Fievez, Director, CRCSI health program.