The development of Cliniface is a partnership between FrontierSI, Department of Health Western Australia, Curtin University, the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, the Undiagnosed Diseases Program WA, and Linear Clinical Research.

Led by clinical geneticist Dr Gareth Baynam, the project is aimed at assisting clinical diagnosis, treatment (drug) monitoring, clinical trials and surgical planning, by developing an objective and unobtrusive analysis method through 3D facial image analysis.

Novel 3D facial analysis and visualisation methods have been developed and integrated into an open source and interoperable desktop app called Cliniface. The application, developed by Dr Richard Palmer of Curtin University, enables the automatic detection of atypical facial traits and the subsequent labelling of these traits with their corresponding Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) terms. This allows non-experts to undertake a preliminary dysmorphological analysis of the facial form, and to export the analysis as text data which is critical for integration into other clinical systems. More details on the Cliniface application can be found here.